Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Unholy Rollers (1972)

had never heard of this movie until the other day.  so far it's a pretty typical 70s exploitation movie, but at least it's got some good movie and a decent cast.  the banked track isn't very banked, but I think that's how it was in the early 70s.

that's Maxine Gates as Angie Striker, the Avengers coach. she's whipping the coach of the heel team, the Demons.  the movie gives us a behind the curtain look at roller derby at the time- all staged fights and lots of action.  it's better than Kansas City Bomber, that's for sure, but then, it's not as "serious" a movie.
Claudia Jennings is our hero, but she's not very likable.  why the filmmakers would think derby girls are all strong willed women is beyond me.  she quits her day job at a catfood factory and becomes a star on the derby circuit, much to the chagrin of the some of the other derby girls.

Claudia is much more comfortable on her skates than you would think she'd be. this was Martin Scorsese's first job as an editor, which explains a bit.
that's Louie and the Rockets.  nice look for a movie from 1972!

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