Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Avengers 39

"The Torment...and the Triumph!"

Writer- Roy Thomas
Artist- Don Heck
Inker- George Bell
Letterer- Artie Simek
Dog Catcher- Irv Forbush

the story opens with the Avengers reading the news about the Black Widow being a traitor.  for a change, none of them really believe it, not even GoliathHawkeye cuts out to do some moping, and them some detective work.  and promptly gets captured by The Mad Thinker and his Triumvirate of Terror, who I thought originally were the Wrecking Crew, but apparently this has been their only appearance.  the Thinker is still annoyed by his defeats and wants revenge on the Avengers.  he also wants all of the secrets Tony Stark has in the Avengers Mansion.
meanwhile, Mr. Powers (Hercules) is enjoying his new life on Earth, in his own way.  he returns to the Mansion after the Avengers have been defeated by the Thinker and his cronies, much to the chagrin of the Thinker, since he didn't plan for the powerful immortal to show up.

this ends poorly for the Thinker, but he does get away.  good story, lots of fun action and not too much moping about the Widow, whom we all know is a double agent for SHIELD now.  this is a good way to showcase Hercules without making the others look too weak.

next- "The Sub-mariner Attacks!"

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