Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Doom Patrol #122

this is the first Doom Patrol comic book I ever bought.  I didn't know at the time it was a reprint.  it showed a team of heroes I had never seen before battling a villain who was part dinosaur.  that was just too much for my 7 year old brain, and I bought the issue in a second.  I went home and read it for the rest of the afternoon.

being a new fan, I didn't quite get the dialog about Rita making them some new outfits, as I hadn't seen the original ones.  nor did I notice the similarities to the Fantastic Four- the genius leader who is rarely seen (the Chief), the girl who can change her size (Elasti-girl), the man who can fly at astounding speeds and is made of energy (Negative Man) and the grumpy strongman (Robotman).  some fans see the similarities to the original X-men, which are also there, but I see far more similarities to the FF.
oddly enough, the AVM-man never turned into a theropod dinosaur, he just became a sauropod and then a sponge.  since this was a reprint, and had a smaller page count, there were a couple pages edited together to shorten the story somewhat.  this worked for me then, but now having read the complete original story it's too bad they felt like they had to do it.

what's even weirder, they had a 60s giant monster on the loose short story after the Doom Patrol one.  is a giant paramecium really a giant monster?  DC monsters never got cool names like the Marvel beasts did.

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