Monday, November 12, 2012

Ultraman 25: The Dreaded Comet Tsuiphon

comet 24 is on a collision course with the Earth! well, only for about 2 minutes, then it will only come within 22,000 miles of our planet.  there's a lot of concern though, especially once it's remembered that there are six hydrogen bombs that were lost and might explode due to the intense radiation from the comet.
but it passes the Earth quickly with not much harm.

Fuji makes coffee for the boys, but accidentally uses soap powder instead of sugar.  it's a nice touch of jocularity during a pretty stressful episode.  well, at least the first ten minutes are quite nerve wracking, with the possible end of life on the planet and all.
the comet passes, and the boys are out looking for the monster that swallowed the last bomb.  since it was in the water, one might think it was Ragon from episode #4.  nope, it's that idiot Red King.  and it's lodged in his throat.
fortunately, he was deep underground when the comet passed, and just woke up in time to start brawling with the snow ape monster Gigass and the monster from the comet, Dorako. they turn into the Three Stooges in no time.  eventually Red King kills Dorako and Gigass has the new Cellular Disintegration Bomb dropped on him.
Ultraman battles Red King and eventually trisects him with a split shredding halo attack.  he uses a new levitation power to hoist Red King into the air to do so.
Ultraman flies off into space to let the bomb explode harmlessly.  later at HQ, it's reported that the comet will return on July 2, 3122 (3026 in the Japanese version) and smack into the Earth, destroying it.  there's a positive note to end an episode on!

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