Monday, December 17, 2012

Godzilla vs Biollante DVD review

 after years of not being officially available in the US on DVD- the VHS and laser disc were, though in dubbed form only, Echo Bridge brings us the 17th Godzilla movie on R1 DVD and blu ray.  how about that?  now there's really only one movie left to get officially released, the last one of the Showa era.

when the VHS version was released in 1992 it was widescreen, but it was also about $70-$90, as it wasn't a sell through title.  I bought the DVD at Best Buy for $5.  that just astounds me still.  I don't even like the movie that much (it's script is a complete mess) but for that price I couldn't pass it up.

so the DVD looks great to me.  people who know about all that arcane things like color levels, etc have said it isn't perfect, but I remember when we would be happy with a fullscreen mono print.  so this is just fine.

it was supposed to have a commentary track, but Toho didn't approve of it so it's not there.  no never mind to me, since I rarely listen to them.  I'd prefer or short doc or something like that instead, those are more fun.  there is a behind the scenes/making of feature that's almost an hour long as well, which is subtitled.  that is pretty interesting, but I couldn't watch all of it at once. 

it's always weird to see Godzilla movie at normal speed.

so for $5 I can recommend this DVD.  not the movie so much, as it's too long and convoluted.  there's a good story in here, but it needs an editor, or at least another re-write.

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