Friday, December 21, 2012

Godzilla's Revenge still

remember when movies used to have stills and promo shots to advertise their movies?  you'd have the big poster and then 2-3 of these pictures to show you a bit more of what would be happening in the movie. 

now with 12 or more theaters showing movies there's just no room for such things, I guess.  which is really too bad, as these sorts of things are always really cool.  they also make some great collectables, if that's what you are into.  I have a few scattered about somewhere.

here we have a montage from the excellent children's movie "Godzilla's Revenge" (1969).  of course, nothing like this happens in the movie, but look at all the monsters you get to see at once!  now, the trailer for this movie is incredibly misleading, but seeing these stills makes me think that there was some clue as to what the movie was actually about.

and it's not really "revenge"!

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