Monday, December 31, 2012

good bye 2012

sometimes I have done a year in review post here.  though after the last one I learned my lesson about putting people's names into the posts.  won't make that mistake again, I'll tell you what.  it's not like it was the worst thing to do, but live and learn, right? well, hopefully...

but this year... well, I've had better.  had worse, but definitely had better. I'm going to concentrate on the positive in this post, since I believe that's just a better choice.  besides, no one wants to read about me complaining for three paragraphs.

 I did become a connoisseur of good beers and fine whiskeys.  can't complain about that. 

I think one of the major things I've done has been to sing and play at the local open mic.  it's been great therapy, and I forgot how much music meant to me.

roller derby has continued well, enough that I've started a blog about being a ref.  and at three years of experience now I'm doing well enough that I can head ref home bouts and actually some away scrimmages.  I was put in the advanced rink to jam ref at 2012's Crash In The New Year, which I think is quite a compliment.  it looks like I'll be head reffing solo for the first part of next season.

there sure have been a lot of great releases for fans of the genre now.  it amazes me that people can still complain about them, when barely ten years ago we were happy if we even got a widescreen VHS tape to watch.  now the discs have to filled with mostly useless docs and stuff that no one watches more than once.  ugh.

anyway, that's it for today.  Happy New Year!

and I am going to get to that tattoo post soon.

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