Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Stan Lee

Happy 90th Birthday Stan Lee.

I'm tempted to say "nuff said" but that's probably ever so trite.  so I'll add a little more about him.  I've met him twice, and he was nice and charming to everyone that was around us.  the first time he was even nice to the kid that brought him a Supergirl comic book to sign.  that's akin to getting Roger Moore to sign a picture of Sean Connery.  I wish I had looked behind me to see if he actually signed the book, it would probably be highly collectable by somebody now.
these days it seems the thing to do to knock Stan for allegedly taking credit for all of Marvel's top superheroes (except Cap, since he had nothing to do with that, or the Torch or Namor).  it seems to me like I've read him always giving credit to Jack and Steve and whoever else he worked with for these wonderful characters.

of course, with Kirby gone and Ditko a recluse it's hard to interview them.  so of course it seems like Stan gets all the credit.  and if he does take it, well, that would be sad.  but in my experience he's always given credit where it's due.

I hope he has a great day.

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