Saturday, December 8, 2012

Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot - JohnnySokko and his Flying Robot: The Complete Series

my pal August broke the news on Facebook last night- he's involved in Shout! Factory's upcoming release of this fun series.  and long awaited series- it's been offered by MGM's MOD before, but never showed up.  there's a ton of boots out there, even on Amazon (here's where you can pre-order it) but these will be taken from the actual archival elements.  August is writing the booklet and production notes, so you know you will get lots of great information about the show and actors.

Shout is really coming through for fans these days, with all sorts of great DVDs, movies and tv shows.  here's hoping we will get Prince Planet and Marine Boy out as wellrio

this will just be the US version, so it won't have the Japanese audio track or anything else like that.  which makes no never mind to me, since I rarely watch anything subtitled if I grew up with a dubbed version.

looking forward to it! RUNCH!

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