Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Three Stooges second act

OK so the last recap was misnamed.  this is the second bit, where the boys are out to save the orphanage by raising money.  they will work for $830,000, not a bad deal at all!  naturally they get caught up in a scheme to kill this woman's husband and of course it's not what it seems.

Larry is giving her a "grief massage".  interesting take.  since of course her "husband" gets run over and almost killed.  the boys apparently know nothing about any technology from the late 20th century.  apparently the orphanage didn't even have TV.
here they are in the hospital, which leads to the needless Farrelly brothers bathroom humor.  it's not too bad, overall, but there's so much more fun to be had than with peeing babies.
there's the Curly Shuffle!  the episode leads with a parting of the ways, Larry and Curly have had enough of Moe.  what will happen in the last episode?  stay tuned to find out.

in a month... I hope not.

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