Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bad Street - The Freebirds

man, I hated the Fabulous Freebirds back in the day. they were SO good as heels that even being "smart" I hated them. heck, when they turned face in the UWF during it's final days I still hated them and wanted to cheer Devastation, Inc. when I went to Atlanta, GA, I did tell the young lady I was with we should watch out for "Badstreet" but she didn't understand.

still, as one gets older one can appreciate just how great they were as performers. the three of them, along with Jimmy Garvin, were really great. I wish I had gone to more matches in Denver when they were in the AWA run. at least I got to see the Road Warriors crush them! the song here is pretty classic southern rock, and not bad at all. the video is pretty silly, which only adds to the awesome.

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