Friday, January 25, 2013

Ship of Monsters (1959)

I'd seen pictures of this movie, and had the movie on VHS (in Spanish only) for several years, but never got around to watching it. due to some great fans, I got a subtitled copy and it was REALLY enjoyable! it's a weird little movie, but danged if it wasn't more fun than I would have thought. in fact, I think I need to watch it again.

I think I've neglected the Mexican Cinema of the fantastic here. there are a lot of fun films and some are quite good. some are not, but still enjoyable. this isn't a lucha movie, but it's kind of in the same genre. Santo would fight monsters and aliens in the near future as it is!

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George Guzman said...

I thought I’d seen them all, but this one, I never even heard of! I do remember that actress (the one with the longer hair), Lorena Velazquez who would appear in several Santo movies and T.V. Novellas.