Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Spy Smasher (1942)

I owned this serial for quite a few years now and have never watched it.  I used to do an episode by episode report about serials back on my old board (wow, does that bring back memories) but I found myself not being able to watch the serial as much as I liked, so it, along with the message board itself, fell by the wayside.  seems like most message boards have fallen away, but that's a topic for another day, I reckon.

so I started watching the serial today, and wow, it's just as great as people have said.  it's also really true to the comic book, for the most part.  they added a twin brother and took away the Gyrosub, but other than that, the rest, even the villain the Mask, are right from the comic book. 

since Spy Smasher isn't very well know these days, this serial tends to be ignored by people when they are talking about what is "true to the source" these days.  of course, they think the Ledger Joker is true to the source, which tells you what they know.

I'm only two chapters in and I can tell I'll really enjoy the rest of the serial.  it's only 12 chapters, which I think is the best length for these.  it's well acted and action packed.  I'll report on the rest of it later!

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