Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Flash and Batman

one of the fun things about The Brave and the Bold cartoon was that you usually got two stories- the first one a little mop up of a case, and then the main story. so you could get anywhere from 2-6 heroes in one cartoon. gotta love that that! another cool thing is they used a lot of different heroes for the show. many were ones I didn't always love in the comics, but for a half hour they were good. and of course my beloved Metal Men finally got animated. man they would have been perfect for a 60s Filmation show.

here we get three versions, well, heck, four versions of the Flash. and they all work! I'd still really love a DC animated version of the original Crisis on 2 Earths, done in Sekowsky style. that would rock.


Annie Lowry said...

Wow. Yellow Flash is a jerk

David McRobie said...

doi, Professor Zoom, the Reverse Flash, is the villain, of course he's a jerk.

Annie Lowry said...

Oh.. i thought he was like Anakin... Good superhero turned jerk

David McRobie said...

d-d-d-d-did I stutter?

but I can see the confusion, and in a sense you are right.