Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Avengers #42

"The Plan -- and the Power!"

writer:   Roy Thomas
penciller: John Buscema
inker: George Bell
letterer: Artie Simek

Hawkeye is annoyed at Hercules for "freeloading" (wonder what he considers work, then) and Pietro contacts the Fantastic Four about Diablo and the Dragon-man.  this takes place right after the FF's battle with Sentry Sinister in issue #64, which will later have some big ol' consequences for many of Earth's heroes.  Reed gives him the scoop on Diablo's probably whereabouts and away they go, with a semi-reluctant Hercules in tow.  oddly enough, Quicksilver spurns the FF's offer of help.  such is comic book logic!

Diablo blackmails Hank into helping make many more Dragon-men, with Jan being held hostage by the original   the other Avengers arrive and Hank tries to stop them.  meanwhile, Hercules battles the Dragon-man.  here we get the utterance "By the zestful zither of Zeus!"

meanwhile, the Black Widow is being tortured by the Red Chinese.  she escapes... or so she thinks.

Wanda tells Hank that Hercules is battling for Jan, and they all begin to fight Diablo.  Cap appears and Diablo is defeated.  they return home and find a message about the Black Widow being held captive behind the Bamboo Curtain.  Hawkeye vows to save her no matter what!

next- "Color Him... The Red Guardian!"

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