Saturday, February 2, 2013


 just a few images from the recent... well, five year old now... DVD.  it's a pretty great presentation over all, and I'm still really happy it was released.  too bad they didn't sneak the original US titles on it or the trailers, but I understand the reasoning behind all of that.
I.E. the interesting "owner" of the titles.

I really like the these titles, but I think the US version is actually cooler overall- the music is more mysterious, making you want to find out what the movie is about overall.
there's really not much Infra-man can't do.  here he is flying, but I'd be willing to bet he can leap tall buildings in a single bound.
here he is using his "solar ray" which is done exactly like a certain hero from M78's "Spacium Ray".  good thing Infra-man doesn't have a three minute time limit, or any apparently energy drain on his bionic batteries.
I'm really surprised the late Peter Fernandez didn't dub them saying "look! up in the sky!" as that was his sense of humor.  and it would have been funny then and now.
this is a great perspective shot.  not sure it's a forced perspective shot or one with trick photography.  it's cool no matter what.  I sure do miss actual miniatures in movies.
this is part of his "henshin" or transformation pose.  not too elaborate, but fits right in with his Japanese brothers.  I'm all for simple poses, since they are easier to remember and/or imitate.
spider-thing gets an infra-punch!  when I first saw this movie I was taken aback a little by the fact that both monsters and heroes fought with kung fu.  now it just seems natural to me, I mean, who doesn't fight that way?
and we'll just end on the Princess with a whip!


Annie Lowry said...

I should have JJ do a review now! He loved it

David McRobie said...

I think that's a great idea! you could do it as an interview.

Annie Lowry said...

So gonna do that now!!