Monday, February 25, 2013

Kamen Rider W (2009)

there sure are a lot of wallpapers for your computer about this superhero.  weird.

anyway, I've watched the first 13 episodes of this show, and I like it.  it's not quite as fun as Kamen Rider Decade, but it's different enough.  I think this is the first time a Rider has been made up of two people, though there have been at least two other Japanese heroes that have done a similar concept (Triple Fighter and Ultraman Ace).  Shotaro Hidari is a "half-boiled" detective who gets involved with an old family using Gaia Memory drives to make monsters.  he partners up with the mysterious Philip and becomes the multi-faceted hero Kamen Rider Double (W).  the Gaia Memory drives turn people into monsters called Dopants.  which is just a weird name overall.
I like the detective angle, though the noir aspect is a little over done.  or they try to do it, and then overdo it.  the lead characters are good, though no one is going to think either of these are any kind of manly detective man.  imagine Sam Spade as a Rider and you have the exact opposite of these two. 

there's a lot to like about the show. the fights are pretty good, when not augmented by CG.  W's stuntman is obviously a kicker, and the kicks are executed quite well.  good thing, since there are a LOT of them in the battles.

"now, count up your crimes."

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