Monday, February 11, 2013

Kimba #5- Fair Game

Kimba relates a story to his animal friends- he was in Paris with Roger Ranger (whom he had previously "just" met in the prior episode, error on the US crew, oops), Mary and Mr. Pompous (aka Moustache from many of Tezuka's works).  he had met Speedy Cheetah's grandfather Quasimodo.
Speedy believes that Kimba's father killed his grandfather, which led to some slight altercation.

as Kimba relates his story, they go to the World's fair in Paris, France.  here we get to see the robots that will be made in the year 2000, the far future at the time.
gotta love a cameo from Astro Boy.  who knew that exact design would be what Dr. Boynton made?  there's also a rather scary scene about how the engines would be used to melt the polar ice caps so as to reclaim the land underneath the ice for farming.  no forward thinking there...
just more robots.  when watching this episode with adult eyes, you can tell Quasimodo sacrifices himself at the end of the episode, but it's sanitized a bit for US kids.  it's done well, but I think it would have been OK for us back then to realize death happens in cartoons.

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