Friday, February 1, 2013

Pioneers of Television: Superheroes

wow, PBS does some cool stuff these days!  here's a really nice retrospective of shows I grew up watching. it covers Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Hulk and The Greatest American Hero, not necessarily in that order. they talk to people from every show, which is really cool to see. most of it is fun stuff and some interesting stories from all of the actors. it would have been nice to see some archival interview footage from George Reeves and Bill Bixby, but this is good.

it also would have been nice to see interviews and overviews of the other Marvel hero adaptions, like Spider-man. has anyone talked to Nicholas Hammond since 1978? and I know  is still alive, why not talk to him about the Green Hornet? of course, the show would have had to be longer, so perhaps a part 2 might be in the offing.

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