Friday, February 8, 2013

The Hobbit (2012) review

(another wonderful guest review from Liberty Belle!  I'm glad she didn't mention my singing during the movie.)

The Hobbit

In a dark theater, with popcorn and whoppers, a boy took a girl to a movie and we watched a little movie called The Hobbit.

Not at all depressed at not seeing the first 9 minutes of the upcoming Star Trek being released in May, I settled down to see the first movie, not made for pre-K aged kids, in a while.
Needless to say I was giddy.

This isn’t going to be one of those technical movie reviews. I haven’t read The Hobbit in ages, although it’s now on my list to re-read, I cannot provide literary comparisons. Quite frankly I don’t want too. I’ll leave that to the Pros!

However these are my thoughts:

The New Zealand landscape always takes my breath away, as does the backdrop of Rivendell. The waterfalls always take my breath away. The dwarves in all their bearded braids and different wardrobe styles were delightful. You really got a sense they were a mixed group. Not all warriors, not all merchants…just all Dwarves. My favorite costumes were of course that of the Elves; hands down. Galadriel’s dress was stunning, but it made me miss Arwen, wish she could have made an appearance. 

I was upset that Saruman showed up to the party. I don’t like him. No, not one bit. I wanted to take a flat iron to his beard.  Gandalf, was every bit Gandalf; serious, with a bit of mischievous twinkle in his eye. I adore him. 

Mostly, I got all caught up in the art of it all I think. From the type font used on the maps and Bilbo’s writing, to the architecture of the “hole in the ground” that was Bilbo’s home, all beautifully done.

The music is incredible. I am chasing down the soundtrack as we speak….must have.

Gollum… was the only creature that gave me pause. His eeery obsession with “the precious” sends chills down my spine. He seemed so much more sinister in this film than in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The shift from his childlike eyes and curiosity to his darker alter ego… was well done and downright scary. I will admit I love to absorb his mumblings though, they are so amusing.

Of course my favorite factor in most stories, movies, what have you, is the human element (or Hobbit I should say). Bilbo finds himself on this adventure, way out of his poor ole comfort zone. Challenged not only by the physical demands of being a Hobbit, keeping up with the Dwarves on a dangerous quest, but digging deeper in his own soul, at each turn. Facing fears, rising to the occasion and showing a band of bitter, homeless dwarves that a little Hobbit can man up, if you will, and show them a thing or two about character. He felt he needed to prove himself to them, and he did. Well done Bilbo…well done.

I need to throw a dinner party now, and invite a band of dwarves. They make cleaning up so much fun!

Have you seen The Hobbit???? Did you get to see the first 9 minutes of Star Trek?

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