Friday, February 22, 2013

Ultraman 26. 27: The Monster Prince

the only two part episode of the original series introduces us to one of the most popular monsters, Gomora.
awoken from a 50 million year old sleep, Gomora is confused, and still sleepy.  of course, the Science Patrol decides it would be a good idea to bring him to Tokyo.
'cause that's never a bad idea.

meanwhile, Osamu is both derided and upheld by his peers as King Creature (or Monster Prince).  he is a walking encyclopedia of kaiju knowledge.  his mother would rather have him study math and science though.
I'm still puzzling how Gomora hit Ultraman at the exact right spot to make the Beta Capsule separate from his body.  was this ever explained anywhere?
the first battle does not go well for our hero.  Gomora is strong and powerful and rather pissed off from being dropped out of the sky.  he defeats Ultraman and actually makes the color timer stop.  good thing it's not the end!
the second part entails Gomora being, well, tortured.  his tail gets burned off by the lasers of the Science Patrol.
Ultraman himself breaks off Gomora's horns, both the side and the front one.  this stops him from being able to bore into the ground and escape.  the poor thing would have died from blood loss if Ultraman hadn't killed it.  it's rather unpleasant to watch now, though I'm sure it was exciting back then.
Hayata makes Osamu an honorary member of the Science Patrol, and extracts a promise to forget about monsters.  doesn't seem to be taking though! 

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