Friday, February 22, 2013

W, Decade, Kuuga vs. Shadowmoon

just started watching Kamen Rider W (that's actually Double) and it's a pretty interesting series. here's his introduction in one of the many Decade movies (I can't keep track of them any more) where he comes to the rescue of Decade and Kuuga when Shadowmoon was intent on destroying them. always good to see Shadowmoon again, complete with Satansaber. that was missing when he reappeared in Kamen Rider Black RX. though having Double beat Shadowmoon so quickly... I dunno.

at least this bit is subtitled. and it's nice to see a Rider wearing a scarf again. that's been sorely missing! though this is a false ending, by the way. I enjoy these Rider movies, especially since they tend to bring back the older Riders and sometimes other heroes.

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