Friday, March 15, 2013

Angry Red Cinemagic Planet!

one of my favorite lower budget movies, I've presented the trailer before.  I think this is our example of "Cinemagic" which is a tinted process.  it works pretty well though, you'd think you were on Mars, if Martians gave you red colored glasses...
I like the painted backdrops as well for the further away Martian landscapes.  they blend them in well with the live shots.

I wonder who thought of doing this.  here we have regular flora with some added props, and it turns into a dreaded Martian plant.
it's such an imaginative little movie.  I saw it first on Channel 2, and the hosers cut off the last part of the movie!  I never knew what happened til years later when I saw it on VHS.  it was very memorable though.
and here's one of the most memorable critters from the movie- the giant bat-rat-spider-crab.  though I'm not sure what's so crabby about it, unless you count it's attitude.  it had a reason to be, what with being annoyed by pesky aliens.
it's a pretty cool marionette.  one might wonder what it would have looked like with a slightly higher budget, but it sure adds to the surreal quality of the movie.

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