Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jet Jaguar, get Godzilla!

Jet Jaguar fired my imagination when I saw the trailer for GODZILLA VS MEGALON in the theater.  I wanted to see more of "Robotman".  I'm pretty sure I wanted to see all the monsters, since I'd never seen Gigan at all, but it was our two heroes that meant the most to me.

I'd only seen two episodes of Ultraman in 1976, and one of Johnny Sokko, so a new giant hero was something I had been waiting for.  since this was almost more of a Jet Jaguar movie than a Godzilla one, I was quite happy.
hey, I was 11, what do you want?  three giant monsters and one giant robot battling for the fate of the Earth?  there's just not much more better than that for a kid and his friends in October of 1976.
I also was kind of bummed that Jet never returned to aid Godzilla in his battles against aliens and other evil monsters.  heck, I'd have been happy with a TV series starring the robot.  little did I know there were so many of those types of shows in Japan at the time- the "henshin" boom was in full swing, with more robots, monsters and heroes than I could have possibly imagined.
yeah, kids,robots and monsters go hand in hand.  I love this movie!

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