Saturday, March 9, 2013

Legion of Super Heroes season 2

in the second season of the Legion cartoon, we get a lot more Legionnaires to see.  heck, even Matter Eater Lad is present!  many of them don't get a lot of speaking parts, and Brainiac 5 and Chameleon Boy both look like they are about 13 years old.  we do get to see Tyroc use some version of his power, which was a first for me.  it's kind of cool to see all of them animated and in action, and they had a lot of Legion lore to draw from.
almost too much lore, as they crammed a whole mess of stuff into a mere 13 episodes.  the main storyline (or so we are led to believe) is Imperiex come to the 30th century from the 40th to save himself.  a Superman clone, Kell-El has been created to stop him.  so he is there as well as a more seasoned Superman to help battle Imperiex.  should have just made him Mon-El and been done with it.

OK, having said all that, they also manage to introduce the newer members, Karate Kid, Dream Girl, etc.  we see Lightning Lad lose his arm, Triplicate Girl turn into Duo Damsel and back again (oops, spoilers), some slight romance between Bouncing Boy, Ayla makes an appearance and Duo Damsel, the origin of the Legion and even Terra Man makes an appearance.

it's all pretty well done, but I wish they had been able to get 26 episodes so many of these things would seem less crammed together.  and somewhere along the line they forgot that Bouncing Boy and not Cosmic Boy (Wil Wheaton) was the leader of the Legion.

and then Imperiex meets a pretty gruesome (off camera) death, when Brainiac 5 gets returns to his roots.  nice to hear Corey Burton reprise that role!  I suppose it's a slightly "darker" season, but overall it's just more dramatic.  I hate the whole darker label.  of course, it ends on a slight (and ever so predictable) cliffhanger, never to be resolved since there was no third season.  alas.

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