Sunday, March 31, 2013

Showcase Presents... Strange Adventures

in 1955, the future was a quite a thing to imagine.  there were still aliens on the various planets in our solar system, and only one new superhero had come to what would be known as Earth 1.  that would be J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter from Mars.  many comic books were anthology books at the time, with few if any recurring characters.  both DC and Marvel (I know Atlas at the time) did this for a long time.  I never read many of the DC books though, for whatever reason.  seems like the more lurid giant monster tales of Marvel appealed to me back then.  not to mention Marvel reprinted a ton of them in the 70s, not that I knew it at the time.

no surprise as to why the giant monster on the loose stories appealed to me!
anyway, here's a collection of about a year and a half of DC's sci-fi stories from 1955-1956.  they are a lot of fun, and all well drawn, and sometimes well written.  some of the stories are thoughtful, and some preposterous.  I do wonder why they didn't ever think of having a recurring cast though, might have made writing the stories and thinking of new names every seven pages a little easier.

we do get a few stories about super intelligent apes... maybe the idea for Grodd came from there!

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