Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the Space Giants

I've watched this entire series once before and liked it, though I don't remember much about it.  I think if I had seen it as a kid I would have really liked it.  alas, one more show I didn't get to see growing up in Colorado.

anyway, Goldar, Silvar and Gam are created by Methusah to protect the Earth from the evil Rodak.  Rodak sends a monster or two out with an interesting scheme to destroy Goldar and make the Earthlings surrender to him.  he believes they don't deserve the Earth.
I like the wide variety of effects they use in the show, suits, cartoon and stop-motion animation and a lot of forced perspective shots that work well.  with the four part stories they get some more characterization for our heroes in as well.  even Rodak comes across as a bit more three dimensional than some other villains, like Emperor Guillotine, say.

however, the four part stories don't always move along, either.  there's not a lot of monster action like in Ultraman or Johnny Sokko.

still, I'd like to see this get a real release on DVD some day.  I had copies of the tapes made when TBS aired it back in the day, then transfers onto the Japanese laserdiscs that were released in the 90s.  there are gaps in the English dialog that would be nice to hear if and when it ever was released.

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