Monday, April 8, 2013

Giant Monster Gamera

just some cool shots from the great DVD release of Daiei's premier monster, Gamera.  the first movie has some really wonderful effects shots, and boy, do real miniatures look great these days or what?  that is a huge set there, if you think about it.  you can see little animated people running from Gamera in this shot.

still the best Gamera director.  funny thing is, no one else apparently wanted to direct a movie about a giant monster turtle, so Yuasa-san got it.  he was a great gentleman, and I was happy to meet him.
Gamera attacks the Chidori-maru.  good thing they got a radio message out before he destroyed the ship, or all those people would have frozen to death.
who knew prehistoric turtles could do that?  I do actually like the fireball effect they used in the 90s movies for Gamera a bit more than this, since fire is rather generic.
nice shot of Gamera being tricked into Plan Z.  I wonder if this was forced perspective or a screen shot.
the detail on the ship is great.  the DVD makes this movie look great, you can see all the effort put into the craftsmanship.

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