Friday, April 5, 2013

RIP Carmine Infantino

the legendary comic book artist and all around nice person Carmine Infantino passed away yesterday. 

I have read so many of his stories, I couldn't pick a favorite, so I chose probably the most iconic one, the one that had the largest impact on DC Comics.  two Flashes in one story?  how is that possible?  easily possible, and soon we would meet another Green Lantern, Atom, even a Batman and a Superman from another Earth.  though why the original Earth was Earth 2 is beyond me.  that's one of my favorite bits in the Avengers/JLA crossover- which Earth got to be "number one".  apparently the DCU doesn't have as much ego for their Earths.  heck, even the supervillains of Earth 3 didn't even mind being third!

but I digress.

Carmine is THE Flash artist to me, always will be.  the way he drew the speed lines, and blurs... no one has done it better, despite new computer effects and all that.  his art was always clean and sleek and instantly recognizable.  it was also very action packed, and always told the story he and the writer wanted to tell.

DC had a definite house "look" during the 50s and 60s but you could always tell who was drawing what- Gil Kane, the Atom and Green Lantern, Curt Swan, any Superman family story (more or less), well, you just knew.

Carmine drew so many cool stories, and later went to Marvel and drew Spider-woman and the Star Wars book.  by then I knew who he was and could recognize his style.  I often copied the way he drew long hair for women, 'cause I thought it looked pretty darn cool in the books.

he will be missed.

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