Tuesday, April 23, 2013

RIP Christina Amphlett

Christina Amphlett, vocalist for the band the Divinyls, passed away from MS and breast cancer on April 21st, 2013.  she had a great voice and wrote some pretty cool songs as well.  while most people remember her for "I Touch Myself" I always enjoyed the early stuff a lot as well.

I never saw them in concert, though I was supposed to, as they were scheduled to open for U2 at Red Rocks in June of 1983.  yes, that Red Rocks concert that put U2 on the map.  due to weather conditions neither them nor the Alarm were able to make the show.  had I been a bigger fan I would have tried to go to the make up show the next day in Boulder, but I was also responsible and went to work instead.

the obit is here, and it says most everything I could want to say about her and her life.  one thing I did learn was that the Divinyls formed with the original bass player of Air Supply.  obviously rescuing him from playing tedious pap the rest of his life.

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