Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Contaminated Cowl

oh there's a reason... this is the first part of the first appearance of Jervis Tetch. this is an interesting episode in one respect- the villain is actually referred to by his real name. I never knew that as a kid, or noticed that the other villains- the Riddler, Edward Nigma, Catwoman, Selina Kyle and the Joker... uh, wait, he's had about 80 "real"names, never mind- were never called by their given names. but the moll calls him Jervis at least twice in these first seven minutes.

weird, huh? I like this version a lot, and I like the animated one as well. sure wish this show would get released on DVD or something. I'd buy all three seasons. I think seven minutes is about all you need, though you can watch the rest of this episode and the second part on youtube if you like.

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