Monday, May 27, 2013

JLA: Tabula Rasa (29, 30)

Lex is in pitched battle with the Justice League.  he's wearing his purple and green power suit, but it's no match for Superman and Hawkgirl.  it's a nice touch to see the power suit again, after Lex being "only" a businessman for so long.
he manages to get away, and goes to his skyscraper where we see his former chauffeur Mercy.  she's not exactly pleased to see him.
Lex demands to know where Professor Ivo is.  long time JLA readers will know exactly what is going to happen.  Mercy fired him to cut costs.  when Lex does find Ivo, he's dead.  Lex mutters "the cigarettes finally did you in".  Lex also finds a rather amazing adaptiod, android not called Amazo, but that's who it is.
meanwhile, J'onn has a mental issue- he tries a citywide scan for Lex, and then all the extraneous thoughts from the entire city come in to his brain.  he has to take a break for a while.
I just like this shot of Superman and Batman waiting for Mercy to call Lex.  the hot beverage is a nice touch.  wonder what they talked about.
Amazo has the power to adapt any superheroes' powers.  where he gets his power source to maintain such a vast amount of energy is beyond me.  and apparently it doesn't have to be natural, he adapts the power ring of JL and Hawkgirl's Ninth Metal mace.  this of course makes him ridiculously powerful, and he has no limit on the powers he can use at any given time.
Batman uses his green K against Amazo, and it works.  the first time.  he says the others have weaknesses, but GL doesn't seem to have a yellow impurity nor even a 24 hour limit on the battery charge.  I also don't think Amazo should be able to use the powers so easily, he needs experience.
here's another amusing scene as the Flash's character comes through when Amazo meets Mercy.  Amazo is built with nano-tech, which these days is a cop out so no one has to think of anything more complex than that.
J'onn saves the day by voluntarily giving Amazo his powers.  poor Lex, now Amazo can read his mind.  he doesn't kill Lex, but goes off to lose himself in the stars.  Lex goes back to prison, and maybe Mercy won't answer his call.

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