Friday, May 24, 2013

Journey to the Beginning of Time (1966)

I really like this movie- view a few thoughts and the trailer here (fixed, since the original trailer was taken down).  I never realized the dinosaurs were based on the paintings by Burian, which I really like.  I think I saw them first in a Time-Life book on evolution.

this is one movie that never aired in my area while I was growing up, as I am sure one of my friends would have told me about it.  I don't even think it aired in WV either, as none of my cousins ever mentioned it to me.  and they knew about Gamera and the movie LATITUDE ZERO.  they didn't know how lucky they were back then!

it's a perfect kid adventure.  four friends get on a raft and head down a river, which takes them back in time from prehistoric mammals (yawn) right through dinosaurs and nearly to the formation of the world. 

I am sure my friends and I would have re-enacted this movie, it's that much fun.  I'm kind of surprised we never did have a dinosaur expedition, but we had to save the world as superheroes at times, defeat aliens monsters as Godzilla and friends and sometimes seek out new life and new civilizations.  and of course during Hallowe'en we actually became monsters (yes, our hair was still perfect).

here's hoping the movie will get cleaned up for a proper DVD release if the Jurassic Park franchise returns.

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