Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Speed Racer open and close

when Speed Racer debuted, this is what it sounded like. when Speed Racer was re-released later on in the 90s on VHS and then later on DVD, the credits were changed a bit. for one thing, the original song is a bit slower than what we get now. there's some other differences, you can see for yourself!

not that it makes much of a change. I used to think it was because the episodes were slightly time compressed. then I heard it was something else altogether, which I have now forgotten. but at least we have it here on youtube.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

I'm more a fan of the Japanese opening sequence myself with the Mach 5 jumping over the elephants!

I did sorta wonder why the versions we've seen from the 90's onward were the way they are. Of course going back to those older tapes of the 80's I can't help but note the rather dupey quality the show had obtained over the years, though I think they might've went back and used new masters from Tatsunoko when they made new versions of the Speed Racer series in the 90's since the quality of those despite the time-compressed or PAL look they had, they didn't have that dupey look anymore like seeing white streaks caused by the editing process in splicing the film together and so-on.

David McRobie said...

I think August explained the difference in openings to me a long time ago, but danged if I can remember what it was. maybe he'll see this and answer yet again.

joecab said...

For the closing credits of the live action Speed Racer movie, Michael Giacchino did a great remix of the American theme/closing along with the Japanese version.

And you should give the original Japanese version a listen. it's fantastic. It's got this weird Paint Your Wagon (anyone know that musical?) feel to it.

David McRobie said...

yes! I really like that bit. it's on my ipod!