Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Flash #173

"Downward Flight of the Flashes"

Script: John Broome
Pencils: Carmine Infantino
Inks: Sid Greene
I love team up stories, and I miss the multiple Earths of the DCU.  it was in the pages of the Flash comics the original heroes of the 40s were brought back to life, via Earth 2.  it wasn't too long until there were team ups with the original Green Lanterns, Atoms and some other originals, though I don't recall if the two Supermen or Batmen ever got to team up together in stories.  the Flashes did it the most, which makes a certain bit of sense, since they started the whole thing.
in this story, Joan Garrick, the wife of Jay (the Flash) Garrick of Earth 2 wants to go to Earth 1 and meet Iris Allen, now the wife of Barry (the Flash) Allen.  she wants to know why Barry hasn't told Iris about his dual life.  now, I've always thought Iris always knew and was just waiting for Barry to tell her.  she can't be as dumb as Lois, right?

Wally (Kid Flash) West shows up right as Jay and Joan do, and Jay notices something is wrong.  he tells Wally who he is, and off they go.  they have to battle the Golden Man on another planet to set everything right.

it's a fun story, but I wish would DC would have done some more character driven stories.  I know at the time it's all about seeing action, but I would have liked to hear more talking between the Flashes about say, their powers.  or helping Wally or something.  and then the couples, what would they talk about?  it's the hints that are fun.

and imagine the Batmen meeting- Bruce of Earth 1 might be a little surprised that another Bruce could settle down and even get married.  how did his conversations go with Helena?  how strange and unsettling could that be?

"always leave them wanting more", right?

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