Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ghost of Zorro (1949)

this is one Zorro serial I've never seen, or perhaps only once. it stars a pre Lone Ranger Clayton Moore as Zorro/Ken Mason (obviously not a de la Vega). I think this is really cool that he got to play two of the major heroes of Western lore. Mason is a grandson or something of Zorro. that's how he gets away with using the name in 1865. the James Gang and the Daltons get name dropped in this first chapter. Rita thinks Ken is a slicker from the East, playing into the whole fop thing.

I wonder why this has never been released, even on PD DVD. seems like a natural, since it has Zorro in the title. perhaps if this new "Lone Ranger" movie is a success it will get another look. I can't say I like the sepia tone of this first episode though.

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