Thursday, June 13, 2013

Godzilla Power Hour 1978 NBC Saturday Morning Preview

this is pretty cool, and I'm sure it worked for me at age 13. Godzilla gets most of the screen time, which isn't surprising since I'm sure his licensing made NBC and Hanna-Barbera want to get their money's worth from the ratings and such. interesting to see the Earth Eater as the first monster for Godzilla... I haven't seen Jana of the Jungle in years, and am surprised at how much it resembles Filmation's Tarzan over on CBS, right down to the way Jana swings on vines exactly like Tarzan. they use the exciting Godzilla theme throughout the entire preview.

seeing the previews for the Fantastic Four... it's really a shame, as they did some good adaptions, but that stupid H.E.R.B.I.E. robot was a bad idea. Kirby did the designs for the show and it was really cool to see it, but that damn robot just left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. for the life me, I don't remember "Lost Island" at all. but using footage from "Land of the Lost" with Puffnstuff vs Dr. Deathray? had to be a winner, right?

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