Friday, June 21, 2013

Marine Boy: The Complete First Season (Preview Clip)

here's the preview to the DVD set available now. if the entire series is the same quality I'll be really happy. though spreading 26 episode onto three discs seems like it might be crowded on there, but I don't know that much about such things. as long as the episodes are complete I'll be happy.

this is the episode that introduces Cli Cli and his tribe. I would have gone for one of the more exciting clips, but they didn't ask me. I hope it sells well!

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Don Moore said...

Used to watch these every day when I was five (in black and white), and have never seen them again. Forty seven years later I get the DVD set, and they are fantastic! The Mysterious Paradise was an episode I loved as a kid, and it stands up pretty well today.

Now if they would just release Prince Planet.