Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Marine Boy on DVD from Warner Brothers Archives

I've been wondering if this would happen for a while now, since WB put an episode of Marine Boy on a DVD set a few years ago.  so I was thinking it would happen.  it's really cool that is has though, and it's pretty dang affordable!  this is the first 26 episodes on three discs.  following this logic there should be three sets of 26, which would be cool since I've never seen one episode of the 78.

this blog was started for the purpose of promoting my Marine Boy monograph, so I think I had better finish that up.  anyone want to make me a cover? I'll get you a free copy of the book.

anyway, Warner Archives has released the "first season" of Marine Boy on DVD.  click here for ordering information and to see a preview of the episode "The Mysterious Paradise".  the quality looks great!

now let's get them to release Prince Planet!


Christopher Sobieniak said...

I believe MGM still holds the rights to the "Prince Planet" series I think that is still on Hulu. Perhaps they could cut a deal with Shout! Factory to release that since they did so with Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot already.

David McRobie said...

you are correct, since 8thman.com got a C&D to stop selling Prince Planet DVDs a while ago. I think there are about 46 episodes on Hulu? it would be great to get them all on DVD as well.