Thursday, June 6, 2013

One Million Rays, CE

yesterday I read this great piece from my pal Brock DeShane.  read it! 

it made me think about when Ray impacted my life.  my inescapable conclusion was the movie ONE MILLION YEARS, BC (1966).  I saw this movie probably in 1971 or 1972, I'm not sure when at this stage in my life, but it was on the ABC Sunday movie of the week.  yeah, it had that big an impact on me.

but his question to me when we were discussing it was what part had the major impact on me?  now that was a much more difficult question to answer.
it's really hard to pick out just one moment from this movie that was THE moment.  though I didn't remember the "brontosaurus" in the desert at all, so we can rule that out.  or the spider.  I did remember the giant iguana, but knew that wasn't a dinosaur, so scratch that as well.

as much as I enjoy the archelon sequence, it isn't as memorable as many of the other sequences.  most people remember it for the cave girl actually saying "archelon!" when the titanic turtle makes it's appearance.

I'm tempted to say the battle between Tumak and the juvenile allosaurus would be it, since it's not been equaled in man vs dinosaur history.  it's an amazing battle and really kicks the movie into high gear.  it's action packed and works perfectly.

up next was the ceratosaurus vs triceratops battle, but it lacks the definite danger that the allosaurus was to our heroes.  Tumak and Loana just kind of stumble upon the two dinosaurs.

no, I would have to say what really got me was the battle between the pterosaurs- the pteranodon (my favorite) and the rhamphoryncus was what really blew my mind.  now, I would have rather had the pteranodon win, but it's an amazing battle as well.  I don't think there's ever been an aerial confrontation been shown like that on the screen since then as well.

well, as done in stop-motion, that is.  thanks Ray, for having such a huge impact on my life.  hey, he also introduced me to Raquel Welch as well!

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