Saturday, June 22, 2013

scenes from Gargoyles (1972)

I remember the first time I saw this movie, seeing the skeleton of the gargoyle in the shack. it was late at night and the movie freaked me out. it was later on, perhaps 1974 or so. it's really a well done movie, great suits and well acted (for the most part). the music is great and you get to see lots of gargoyles. they are somewhat sympathetic as well, and you feel sorry for them a tiny bit at the end of the movie.

I've often wondered what happened after it ended. did they try to hush it up, or did they let everyone know that in another 500 years there could be an outbreak of more gargoyles? a sequel might be fun, though I'm sure it would be a lot of CG gargoyle battling planes and such, and go on for 30 minutes too long. ugh, forget I said anything. this is a pretty concise edit of clips, much like an 8mm movie of it would have been.

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