Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Serenity (2005)

Sheldon Cooper: We agree to reserve Friday nights to watch Joss Whedon's brilliant new show Firefly.
Leonard: Does that really need to be in the agreement?
Sheldon Cooper: We might as well settle it now. It's going to be on for years.

(this was the most I knew about the show for several years...)

I incited some nerd rage last Saturday by talking about this movie and the TV show it was based on.  then I remembered I hadn't posted my thoughts about the movie (you can read my blog about the tv show here in case you missed it) so I'm doing it now.  if you don't want to read any more after the jump, then here's the gist of it: I liked it a little more than the series. 

here's why:
mostly because they wrapped things up for the most part.  I knew some of the cast would die, as it's a movie, and it's Joss Whedon.  no cast member is ever safe in his shows.  I kind of figured the Shepherd would go, but the pilot was a surprise to me.  I was glad they kept his dinosaurs on the bridge though.

there were two really good fight scenes in the movie, and the first one was the best, where River beat up two thirds of a bar by herself.  it looked like Summer Glau did a lot of her own stunts in it, or they CG'd her head onto her stunt double's body.  either way it was impressive, and anyone that knows me knows what a stickler I am for martial arts in movies.  they only used a modicum of the slow motion bullet time crap also. 

it's here for your viewing pleasure.  it's not long, but for a US movie, it's quite good. the later one is also good, but it has more participants from the rest of the cast.

it's funny, as had the show been a bigger hit, the movie would never have been made, and I'm sure River's back story would have been a lot slower to come out.  that's one of the flaws of the movie, it's a bit rushed.

now, by saying I liked the movie a little more than the show, I invoked nerd rage from my friend Kathy.  usually in my circle of friends it's me that has this happen so it was kind of fun to watch her go off.  later on she said she didn't understand Doctor Who being so popular and I pointed out that she got mad when I said I didn't understand why this show was so popular...

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