Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tiga #6: Second Contact

Prof. Mizuno is investigating a strange cloud.  this is his assistant.  he Japanese is very good, as far as I can tell.  unfortunately for them, the cloud is rather carnivorous and this is the last we see of them.
once it lands out pops this monster Gazoto.

naturally the first thing that GUTS does is attack it, which makes it retaliate as well.  Horii then thinks it may want to communicate with them, and perhaps it will be able live and let live.
this is just a cool composited shot of the monster and some GUTS members.  computers make matte lines a thing of the past.   Horii manages to communicate with Gazoto, who tells him "friends make good treats".  uh oh.
 it's a very carnivorous alien monster.  at least they tried to get it to go away peacefully.  Tiga does show up, and a pretty good battle ensues.
shades of Mr. Wrestling II, Tiga uses a high knee lift during the fight.  he thinks he's vanquished the monster but he should know it's not so unless there's an explosion.
Gazoto actually tries to eat Tiga, piercing the skin, or costume, or whatever that happens to be for Ultras.  he "bleeds" light, which is a cool concept.  he heals rapidly though.
here he has had enough of Gazoto, and begins the death blow.  about four of them until the monster explodes.
and when it does, all these little ones are released to space, and GUTS just lets them go.  kind of irresponsible!


cologeek said...

The blond lady is the lovely Shelly Sweeney, who has done a number of genre roles, including the '93 Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla, Godzilla Final Wars, and Ultraseven X.

And, sadly, the battle between Tiga and the kaiju is marred by the terrible scene of the aerial part of the fight. 30 years before, in the original series, the fight between Ultraman and the Baltan looked much better.

But this was overall a good episode featuring Horii, who is probably my favorite supporting character from the series.

David McRobie said...

I didn't even recognize her. doh!