Thursday, July 4, 2013

Avengers #45

"Blitzkrieg in Central Park!"
Roy Thomas
John Buscema
Vince Colletta 
Sam Rosen
the Avengers are being honored by the city of New York for crushing the plans of the Mandarin.  this was more common back in the 60s, apparently, though we get more foreshadowing of Pietro disliking humanity right at the beginning.  Wanda also has trouble adjusting her tiara, which is a word I never associated with her costume. everyone is there but Cap and Jan.  also there is a smoking Amazo, er, Super-Adaptoid.  he labels himself one of Cap's greatest foes, but can't figure out why Cap hasn't shown up yet.

I think we can guess the rest.  Hawkeye is asked about Natasha, and Jan shows up with a new costume and sports car, and makes Hank jealous.  right after the Avengers induct Hercules into their ranks, the Adaptoid makes his move.  ya know, if Cap can beat you alone, fighting against six other heroes may not be the brightest idea you can have.

guess it can only adapt powers and not smarts.  Quicksilver figures out a way to defeat the android, by making it use all the powers it has adapted at once. Unlike the Mimic, the Adaptoid apparently keeps it's powers once it has assimilated them.  after the defeat, the city still celebrates the Avengers being good guys.

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