Monday, July 29, 2013

Avengers #46

"The Agony and the Anthill!"
Roy Thomas
John Buscema
Vince Colletta 
Sam Rosen
We open with Cap deep in thought and the other Avengers noticing.  Seems he's in love with the mysterious Agent 13, whom all of us now know as Sharon Carter.  Hawkeye shows up with the newly retired Natasha (ha!).  Finally, Jan arrives with her new chauffeur "Charles" who was first known as the Human Top but now calls himself The  Whirlwind (how does he turn his head?)!

He's out for revenge against Hank and Jan, who defeated him several times in the past.  He manages to shrink Jan and Hank down to ant size, dropping them into an anthill, hoping that said ants will destroy them.  He also plants a bomb so he can kill more Avengers.

While Jan and Hank battle for their lives, Cap and Pietro fight the Whirlwind.  Pietro's inherent cockiness backfires, which annoys him, though he does save the Avengers from the bomb.  Unfortunately, Marvel Universe people are rather stupid and think he caused the explosion, and don't trust that "silver haired mutie".  I don't blame him for being bitter.  It would be nice if we saw some people who cheered him and said something to that effect.

Oh, and Hank can now become Goliath or Ant-man if he wants to again.

Next: Wouldja believe... Magneto?

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