Monday, July 22, 2013

JLA: Only a Dream (31,32)

John Dee dreams about using the Materiopticon to defeat the Justice League, and he gets congratulated by several other super villains.  The Joker is not impressed with his nom d' guerre though.  But Grundy likes him.  He's a loser that won't get paroled, so we feel a little sorry for him at first, especially after his girlfriend leaves him.
Don't worry, that won't last at all.  There's a jailbreak of several of those villains, including Vulcana, who I had kind of hoped had gone straight since her episode in the Superman series.  Firefly is still a loser though.
During the jailbreak, Dee uses the Materiopticon on himself.  It gives him the power to enter a person's dream.  He uses this to first punish, then kill his girlfriend.  So much for the goodwill he almost had from the viewer.  He was originally caught by the JLA, so he also wants revenge on them as well.
once the gang is asleep (except for Batman, he's already been awake for four days (really, that's just stretching it)) the newly named Doctor Destiny starts begins his revenge.  He didn't start out looking like this in the comics, I'll tell you what.
The Flash doesn't believe the good doctor is much of a danger to him.  In the movies, usually the heroes realize they can also do anything they want to in dreams.  Then they turn the tables on their antagonists.
J'onn grows to kaiju size to battle Destiny while trying to rescue Hawkgirl from her dream.  Seems like the Winged Wonder has a touch of claustrophobia.
while the super powered heroes are dream, the sleepless in the city Batman takes on Dee himself.  It's a pretty quick fight, but the editing is well done.  Dee falls on his own injection of some kind of drug, which leaves him in a stupor, apparently trapped of his powers.  Everyone wakes up as Batman begins snoring.

It's a good, but not great, episode.  Four days without sleep seems to be stretching it to me.

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