Saturday, July 20, 2013

Marco Polo 1975 Trailer

Here's a trailer for a fun kung fu movie called MARCO POLO. Over here it was titled "The Four Assassins" which is apt as well, though they are the good guys. stars as Marco Polo. He was in several peplum movies in the 60s and later on did an amazing amount of ninja movies in the mid-80s. He's pretty good here though. This is the DVD trailer, which adds a few new effects for good measure. Not that it's needed, but since when does a trailer reflect the actual movie?

The main star is Alexander Fu Sheng. It's always nice to see have a good role as well, though she doesn't get to fight. Saying the movie isn't very historically accurate is a bit redundant, but it's got some great fights in it. You also get to hear a nice Akira Ifukube soundtrack.  My thoughts are that it is from MAJIN, MONSTER OF TERROR.

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