Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Space Ghost!

Mostly just a fun collection of pictures, some of which will appear in the next issue of Xenorama.  There's a hint as to one of the articles!  Alex Toth did most of the design work on these cartoons, and those critters are amazing.  Weird and cool and very 60s stylish all at once.
The man was a genius,which is a surprise to no one at all.  Great costumes, mostly great character designs (see below for a less than inspired one) and amazing backgrounds.
Here, Glasstor threatens the twins with something dire.  I would think a being made of glass would be rather peaceful, but apparently not.
Dino Boy is in the middle of a swamp on a small raft.  What could possibly go wrong with that?  You'll find out in the next Xenorama!
It couldn't have been easy coming up with great characters on a budget and a weekly basis. This is Doctor Nightmare, who doesn't seem very threatening at all.  Not all of Space Ghost's rogues were winners.   However, his space creature here certainly is one!

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