Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Bubbler!

here's the baleful Bubbler, who takes on the incredible Impossibles!  he bubble-naps the young Shah of Shish Kebab, who calls him all sorts of alliterative imprecations for the entire episode.  Nothing much phases that kid.  Big D sends the Impossibles out as soon as possible!

The Bubbler has a pet, a mutated octopus of some kind.  he really poses no threat to our heroes, as Multi-Man takes care of him.  the Impossibles can breathe underwater, it seems.
The humor in this show is pretty funny.  Fluid-Man gets soaked up by a paper towel.  That's a smarter villain than I would have thought.
"You, sir, area scandalous scoundrel!"  The kid is inventive, I'll give him that.  I wish I had some nice copies, since there will be an episode guide in the next issue of Xenorama (yes, I'm already working on it, yay me!).
Coily plays a little tennis with the defeated Bubbler.  I so love this series!

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