Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Next Project...

Here's the cover I made for my newest project for Xenorama- a comparison of 8mm movie boxes to their original theatrical posters.  There are several really cool posters in there, as you can tell by looking at the cover.  The back has a similar theme, except it's got boxes that didn't quite make the cut.

I think it's a decent cover, all things considered, like my lack of ability with computers and art and stuff like that.  It gets the point across pretty well.  It's comic book sized, and will probably cost $7.95, though it should be cheaper through Amazon.  It's thirty-two full color pages!

I also like to think of it as a time capsule, as I talk about what it was like to see all the various 8mm boxes in stores or in the catalogs and not be able to buy all the ones you wanted.  Now I'm rather glad I didn't spend all the money on them, since I'd have a ton of film and no projector to show them.  I have friends who still have parties to show their home movies, I transferred most of mine (was worried about copyright, but the people that did it years ago didn't even ask) to DVD.  They are fun to watch, still, but I'm rather glad I have the full movies on DVD.

I'll post when the book is available!  Next up... Marine Boy... finally!

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